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We are currently leasing agriculture and recreational property in Middle Tennessee and South Central Kentucky

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Benefits/Services for the Landowner:

  • Income Opportunities
  • Trespassing and Poaching will cease with increased activity and Custom No Trespassing Signs
  • Wildlife Management designed to reduce Crop Damage
  • Food plots and land improvement to enhance the quality of Wildlife
  • Tuckasee Outdoors covers the Liability Insurance for all parties.
  • Flexible Written Lease Agreements
  • 30 Day Cancellation Policy on properties that are For Sale

Considering leasing, purchasing or selling quality recreational, agricultural, or waterfront property? Please give us a call at 800-377-6393.


Lease with Tuckasee Outdoors


This Buck was caught this week with a  Tuckasee Outdoors’ game cam in Sumner County, TN. Tuckasee Outdoors is always looking to lease quality land in Middle Tennessee and South Central Kentucky. If you are or know of a private land owner that is not taking advantage of Tuckasee Outdoors’ unique lease program. Give Terry a call at 615-584-8154 or send him an email at terry@terryalexander.com.

Tuckasee Outdoors


We are currently leasing agriculture and recreational property in Kentucky and Tennessee!

We offer unique benefits to property owners who are selling their property. Because of our 30 day cancellation policy we have the ability to lease property which is up for sale. The landowner is able to collect revenue for the recreational rights to the property for the entire duration the property is up for sale. We also keep detailed records of all game sighted and/or harvested on the property. This can prove to be a valuable asset when presenting the reports to a prospective buyer.

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Considering selling, leasing or purchasing quality recreational, agricultural, or waterfront property? Please give Terry a call at 800-377-6393 or email him at terry@terryalexander.com.

Kentucky Hunters Bagged Record Number Of Deer During Modern Gun Season

Kentucky-Dept_-of-Fish-and-Wildlife-Resources-logo1Recent News Release November 29, 2012

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Hunters bagged a record number of deer during Kentucky’s modern gun season, which ended Monday.

“The 92,737 deer reported taken is a new record, surpassing the previous record of 87,205 set in 2004,” said Tina Brunjes, deer and elk program coordinator for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. “That’s what happens when you get good hunting weather all three weekends of the season. No rain, no snow. It’s the first time that’s happened since I came here in 2005.”

Kentucky’s deer herd is estimated to be more than 900,000. “In some areas, our deer herd could sustain a larger doe harvest than what our hunters take each year,” said Brunjes. “For example, in Zone 1 counties, we encourage hunters to continue to take antlerless deer during the rest of bow season, the late muzzleloader season and the free youth weekend.”

Monthly harvest totals have set records in two of the three months since deer season opened Sept. 1, with the beginning of archery hunting.

Hunters telechecked 5,577 deer in September. For the first time, the September deer harvest exceeded 5,000 and set a harvest record for the third consecutive year.

In October, the deer harvest was the highest total since the 2009-10 season, but 4,435 deer short of the record harvest of 19,900 for the month, set during the 2001-02 season.

The total harvest for the month of November won’t be known until the end of the month on Friday, Nov. 30. However, as of Wednesday, Nov. 28, a new record has already been reached. The 96,986 deer reported taken tops the previous record (89,498 deer taken in 2004) by 8.3 percent.

At this point in the season the top 10 Kentucky counties in deer harvest are: Owen, 3,444; Pendleton, 2,764; Crittenden, 2,750; Graves, 2,674; Christian, 2,450; Shelby, 2,252; Grant, 2,075; Hardin, 1,946; Boone, 1,915, and Breckinridge, 1,901.

Kentucky’s all-time record deer harvest of 124,752, may be eclipsed, too.  “We have a really good chance if we get good weather for the late muzzleloader and free youth hunts (in December),” said Brunjes.

Last season, the combined harvest for the months of December and January was 15,617 deer.

As of Wednesday, Nov. 28, the total deer harvest for the season was 117,951, according to deer harvest results posted on the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife website at fw.ky.gov.

With hope, the weather and hunters will cooperate and make this deer season the best ever.

Take Someone Hunting

For someone interested in hunting that has never hunted before, locating a hunting mentor is a great start. The majority of all hunters began hunting because someone (a hunting mentor) took the time to introduce them to the activity. Although entirely possible, individuals rarely begin hunting without the support and guidance of a hunting mentor.

Nearly everyone, perhaps with the exception of those living in large urban areas, has seen hunters during the hunting seasons. We are a very obvious bunch when we practice our craft and do so by dressing in very noticeable attire. Hunter orange and camouflage are our favorite colors and often, but not always, we drive pick-up trucks or Sport Utility Vehicles.

Some recent research indicated that hunters were asked the question, why did you take someone hunting? The overwhelming hunter response to that question was, because someone showed an interest and asked the hunter to take them hunting. Nothing happens in life unless we make it happen! If you want to hunt, make it known. ASK a hunter!

2012 Gun Season for Deer Underway

—TWRA—Monday, November 19, 2012 | 03:25 pm   

NASHVILLE — Tennessee sportsmen harvested more than 17,000 deer statewide on the opening weekend of gun season for deer as harvest numbers continue to be reported.

The 17,093 reported as of noon (CST) on Monday surpasses the 2011 total of 14,463 over the same time frame in 2011. Since the initial segment of archery season for deer began on Sept. 22, 84,825 deer have been harvested, an increase of 3,522 over the same period as last year.

On the opening weekend of gun season, Giles County was the overall top county harvest with 720 deer harvested. Rounding out the top 10 counties over the weekend were Henry County 662, Fayette County 622, Weakley County 566, Hardeman County 560, Maury County 538, Lincoln County 496, Carroll County 467, Madison County 420, and Lawrence County 373.

Tennessee sportsmen have one continuous gun season that will continue through Jan. 6, 2013. The continuous season replaced the previously two segmented hunting seasons that were in place prior to last year.

For more information about Tennessee’s deer hunting seasons, refer to the 2012 Tennessee Hunting and Trapping Guide available at all license agents or on the TWRA website at www.tnwildlife.org.